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About our water

Description of the area

The Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is an indescribable beauty of mountain gorges with fast rivers, full-flowing waterfalls, famous for their uniqueness Blue lakes, health resorts, cities and settlements, known for warm hospitality, goodwill, and rich cultural heritage.

Cherek district is the largest in territory in Kabardino-Balkaria and the most sparsely populated. Here are 5 out of the 7 peaks of 5,000 meters' height in the Caucasus and the longest glacier in Europe. The Blue Lake is a unique natural sight.

The legend goes about the origin of this lake among the local population. Once upon a time in Kabardino-Balkaria there lived a fearless hero Bataraz, who defeated the evil dragon in the duel. And when the dragon collapsed, a hole formed in the mountains, which then was filled with water. The dragon has been lying at the bottom of this lake and pouring tears, filling the lake with water. The water of the Blue Lake is saturated with hydrogen sulphides, but its azure color and transparency strike the imagination.

Filtration and salinity

The uniqueness of the water "Babuguent" is due to the fact that it passes a very complicated process of filtration and mineralization through millennia layers of various rocks rich in natural minerals. Thanks to this, the water has received a balanced composition and excellent taste, which meets the most stringent criteria of Russian and European standards.

Water "Babuguent" refers to the sulfate-hydrocarbonate calcium-sodium group of cold table waters. The waters of this group are widely known as the most valuable drinking mineral waters in the world. Its daily use has a curative effect on the body, rejuvenates it, improves metabolism, making the body strong and vigorous.

The water cleanness is ensured by an impeccable ecology of the protected area, where the source originates as well as by our careful attitude to all stages of the bottling process.

Source Babuguent Studies

spring No. 6 of group 762

The Babuguent water quality has been studied quite thoroughly since 1983. 7 complete hydrogeological research, 8 reduced chemical analyzes and 8 sanitary tests have been performed over this time.

Samples were analyzed in the laboratories of the State Research Institute "Resortology", Pyatigorsk, JSC Kavkazgeolsyomka, Yessentuki, Chemical Laboratory of the Kabardino-Balkaria GSE, Nalchik, Federal sanitary control laboratories of the Chereksky district, Kashkhatau and Federal Sanitary Service of the Kabardino-Balcaria Republic,  Nalchik, Eurofins Institut Jäger GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany.



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